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Thessaloniki Song Festival October 27, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Music Life Greek.
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Rock ballads, hip-hop songs and electronica tracks will compete in the semifinals of the Thessaloniki Song Festival, to take place at the northern port city’s Pilea Stadium on November 1.

A total of 10 out of 16 songs will make it to the November 3 finals, where the top three contestants will be awarded. The winners will be jointly selected by an artistic committee comprising composer Yiorgos Hadjinassios and songwriter Filippos Grapsas and others, and members of the audience, who will make their selections through SMS and telephone voting. Parallel events will include two concerts featuring songs by Yiorgos Zabetas and Filippos Pliatsikas on November 1 and 3, respectively.



1. katsoyan - October 29, 2007

It is a nice festival, but I fear that some songs are not original (For example: Θα πρέπει να ήταν αγάπη – it must have been love, etc).
For Hellenes who live abroad, and watch a lot the ERT World, these songs are already known.
The concerts will be really good, I think

2. grhomeboy - October 29, 2007

It is possible that a certain song may remind you the melody of another, already published. However, I think that any critic’s committee is aware of this fact and that originality is an issue they take seriously into consideration.

The Thessaloniki Song Festival is an old institution in Greece, and I would agree that it badly needs a “face lift”. It’s quite similar to the San Remo’s contest [in Italy] or even the Eurovision Song Contest. The latter one has changed a lot its course into time, but still the Thessaloniki’s festival has a lot to catch-up.

3. katsoyan - October 29, 2007

I find the comparison with San Remo a bit exagerated.
I live in Italy, and I reassure you that when the song contest takes place everybody is curious about the winner. Famous singers participate, whereas NOONE already successful would participate in the respective Greek.

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