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Airlifts for islanders examined November 13, 2007

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The Merchant Marine Ministry is considering flying basic food items by military helicopter to the small island of Antikythera, southern Greece, after the only boat that transports supplies to the area stopped trips to the island, according to sources.

The Myrtidiotissa passenger ferry boat, which belongs to ANEN Lines, stopped its route to the island more than a week ago, leaving the island’s 45 residents without food and medical supplies. Antikythera is located 20 miles off Kythera, south of the Peloponnese. Residents have called for the immediate reinstatement of the boat routes, as the island has been cut off from the country’s largest port, Piraeus, and the Peloponnese.

Skai Television and Radio reported that the boat operator has been late in paying its staff and is seeking a 1-million-euro boost in government grants before restoring the transport route. Greece subsidizes a number of ferry routes to remote islands around the country.

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