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Design Walk 2008 > Creative cooperation in downtown Athens February 1, 2008

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Local bureaus and Greek and foreign artists have got together to present Design Walk 2008

It started with the galleries. “Let’s go for a stroll in Psyrri” became a motto encouraging Athenians to venture out to the downtown neighborhood whose ambition was to become the capital’s very own Soho.

A few years on, while the galleries appear to be fading from the area a new creative force is extending an open invitation to visit the neighborhood.

Organized by the creative design bureaus of Psyrri, Design Walk 2008 opens today and runs to Sunday. A project that took place for the first time last year with considerable success, Design Walk is urging members of various age groups to discover that besides the bars, restaurants and tavernas, Psyrri is also home to fresh minds and great ideas.

This year organizers have invited designers from around the globe (including from London, Paris, Milan, Hamburg, Madrid and the United States) as well as local talent to develop a series of exhibitions on all sorts of themes.

The starting point in Design Walk is a collaboration in visual communication in order to combine graphics with audiovisual means in exploring the relationship between design and artistic expression as diverse as cooking and architecture.

In an effort to shorten the distance between the transmitter and the receiver, the creative groups of Psyrri are once again opening their doors.

“Last year was a first encounter with the public,” said Anastassia Louri, one of the organizers. “We had to make the necessary introductions, to get the public to realize that we are graphic artists, not advertising agencies, and that we are not showing commercial work. Perhaps what impressed the public above all was that although we work in a competitive environment, we decided to act as unified body in the hope that Athens will gradually enter the international map of design.”

In contrast with last year, the works presented over the next couple of days were created exclusively for this interactive project. A number of designers have collaborated with architects and fashion designers, among others, to develop common projects. This is a network of up-and-coming professionals who share a dream and have a vision worth rediscovering.

The reason why designer bureaus have rallied round the Psyrri area is not due to the neighborhood’s (former) claim to trendiness, but rather because of the area’s easier access to the large variety of raw materials necessary for their activities.

Perhaps art galleries are on their way out of the downtown area, but there is still room for creative professions here.

Design Walk 2008 participating bureaus will operate during the following hours: Today from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday & Sunday from noon to 7 p.m. For more information go to > www.designwalk.gr.

Teaming up > These are the participating firms >

3 In a Box & Stylo Design, 1 Vissis & Aeolou Street, tel 210 3316123.

Bend & Designpark & NoLogo, 8 Protogenous Street, tel 211 4002187.

Bios & Belio & Raster-Noton, 84 Pireos Street, tel 210 3425335.

The Design Shop & Xavier Antin, 1 Kriezi Street, tel 210 3223410.

Mums Design & Maria Alipranti, 8 Kalogrioni Street, tel 210 3312170.

G & Company, 6 Miaouli Street, tel 210 3223636.

MNP & Ed Gill, 10 Voreou Street, tel 210 3252832.

Oxy & Eggandspoon, 12-14 Kolonou Street, tel 210 5226609.

Pi6 & Human Empire, 8 Melanthiou Street, tel 210 3216050.

Poor Designers & Dimitris Arvanitis, 1 Kriezi Street, tel 211 7507390.

Sereal Designers & Walm, 19 Miaouli Street, tel 210 3215102.

The Switch Design Agency & Fabio Novembre, 3 Sachtouri Street, tel 210 3219034.

Typical Mutations & Makebelieve, 21 Lepeniotou Street, tel 210 3244400.

We Design & Nobek Zeistein, 27 Aeschylou Street, tel 210 3232414.

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