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Gallery-hopping around Athens promises variety February 29, 2008

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Shows range from Paris Prekas landscapes to Maria Antelman videos > ‘Untitled,’ 2007, mixed technique, 50 x 70 cm. The work is shown at ‘Newslater’ the solo exhibition of painter Eleni Theofyllaktou at the a.antonopoulou.art gallery. Like most of her works, it contains surrealism and plays with scale and proportion.

A selection of art exhibitions that are currently taking place at the galleries and museums in different parts of Athens indicates diversity and a broad range.

The solo exhibition of painter Eleni Theofyllaktou, currently at the a.antonopoulou.art gallery (20 Aristophanous Street, Athens, tel 210 3214994, http://www.aaart.gr) through March 15, is among the most interesting shows on view this month. Colored, pencil drawings in different sizes depict surreal-like images that usually feature a young girl or female figure. Birds, especially storks, are a recurring motif. The works contain humor and paradox. They indirectly speak of femininity and the passage from childhood to puberty and adolescence. The unusual arrangement of the works, some of them either placed high up or just above the floor, enhance the prevalent atmosphere of mystery and surrealism.

“Family Affairs” an exhibition on the work of Dimitris Tsoublekas presented at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (48 Armatolon and Klefton Street, Athens, tel 210 6442852, http://www.art-tounta.gr) shows the turn that the work of the photographer has taken from urban scenes to more domestic, autobiographical themes. Tsoumplekas keeps to the surreal style typical of his work and evokes childhood memories. To March 29.

A separate, solo exhibition on the work of Dimitris Baboulis is also being held at the same gallery [see above]. Painted with precision and care for detail, the artist’s large ink drawings on rice paper allude to the age of technology and robotics.

An entirely different mood prevails in the work of the late Panos Feidakis, currently being shown at the Frissiras Museum (3 and 7 Monis Asteriou Street, Plaka, Athens, tel 210 3234678, http://www.frissirasmuseum.com) until March 9. Feidakis, who died at a young age, was part of the 80s generation of Greek figurative painters. The exhibition, which is a tribute to his work, contains 100 of his paintings, mostly portraits.

Another exhibition, in the “classical” mode of painting, is the solo show of Paris Prekas at the Fine Arts Kapopoulos gallery (62 Poseidonos Avenue, Alimos, Athens, tel 210 9835303, http://www.kapopoulosart.gr/index_en.html) through March 10. Prekas who is known for his paintings of ships and ports, presents watercolors, all landscapes of Crete.

Coming up this Sunday is a presentation of a selection of Maria Antelman’s videos at the War Museum (2 Rizari and Vasilissis Sophias Avenue, Kolonaki, Athens, tel 210 72 44464). An example of her work is “Voyage, A Comprehensive Questionnaire” a video that is made in the style of a documentary and which re-enacts the Battle of Monmouth that took place in June 1778 during the American Revolution. The exhibition is held in collaboration with The Apartment gallery which represents the New-York based artist Maria Antelman, and will be open every Friday from noon to 2 p.m. to March 21.

Also coming up this Monday is a large exhibition on the work of Yiannis Psychopedis at the Museum of Cycladic Art (4 Neophytou Douka Street, Athens, tel 210 7228321, http://www.cycladic-m.gr). Curated by Takis Mavrotas, the exhibition focuses on the references to ancient Greece in the work of this important Greek artist.

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