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Olympic Torch to be lit by sun rays tomorrow March 23, 2008

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The Olympic Flame torch will be lit by the sun’s rays in Ancient Olympia, tomorrow March 24, in Ancient Olympia, to be held 12 o’clock at noon Greek time.

“We will continue with the traditional way to kindle the flame as it symbolizes the purity of the Olympic flame” Li Ping, spokeswoman for Beijing Olympic Torch Relay Center, said. “The flame is lit using a concave mirror to focus the rays of the sun, and a back-up fire will be prepared the same way during the rehearsal phase in case of cloudy weather on March 24” she added.

23-03-08_olympic_flame_lighting_ceremony.jpg  Greece is in its full wings for the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony. According to Greek mythology the Sun God Apollo originally lit the Olympic flame to bring brightness and warmth to human beings. The flame will be handed over to Beijing at 3 pm on March 30 at the Panathenian Stadium in Athens, the city where the first modern Olympics Games were held in 1896.

23-03-08_artemis_ignatiou.jpg  Artemis Ignatiou, the choreographer of the Flame-lighting Ceremony. The Olympic flame ritual for this year’s Beijing Games torch relay will introduce new elements such as male dancers, live music and a tableau recreating the frieze displays of ancient Greek temples, Ignatiou said.

After a reception in Beijing on March 31, the Olympic Flame will begin its global tour of 135 cities around the world on April 1. The relay will cover 137,000 km in 130 days before the flame finally arrives at the National Stadium in Beijing on August 8, for the opening ceremony.

The highlight of the torch relay, involving a total of 21,780 torchbearers, will be an attempt to take the Olympic flame to the summit of Mount Qomolangma, known as Mt Everest in the West, in May. Li said the list of some 19,400 torchbearers and the roadmap for the torch relay over 700 cities in China would be made public soon.

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