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Ideas for cycling trips in Greece’s natural surroundings March 24, 2008

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Greek roads and drivers might not be cyclist-friendly, but the countryside is. Those who venture forth are rewarded by the experience of beautiful landscapes and villages.

24-03-08_cycling.jpg  As Greek roads and drivers are not cyclist-friendly, why not load your bicycle onto your car and drive somewhere you can enjoy cycling in natural surroundings.

Route One > A 4.2-kilometer ride at Doxa Lake. The lake is an artificial one in the mountain range outside Corinth, near Goura and Feneo. The peaceful landscape is a lush green, full of firs, black pines and oaks. The road around the lake is sealed all the way, and there are few cars. The beautiful monastery of Aghios Georgios lies just above the lake, and the sign Pontikonisi tis Korinthias leads to a strip of land and the Church of Aghios Fanourios or Paleomonastiro.

Route Two > This is a longer ride, 37 kilometers, but not a difficult one, 22 km on an easy dirt road and 15 km on asphalt. It’s best to start around 3 km out of Elati, at the crossroads for Vlacha. Leave your car, and cycle through the dense fir forest on a gentle uphill gradient of about 2 km to Vlacha. There the road flattens out for the spring and cafe, then descends into a pretty valley. At the bottom, the road goes left to Stournaraiika and right to Neraidohori-Pyrra. Turn right, keeping the river on your left. The road is mainly flat; the scenery and the sound of water are magical. This route is called “Dromos tou Xylogefyrou” or the Wooden Bridge Road. About halfway along, cross the bridge. With the river on your left, continue to the bridge below Neraidohori. You’ll hardly meet a single car. The 2.5-3 km near the village are the only part of the route where you’ll need to pedal hard. At the village, the road turns to asphalt and is flat or downhill on the way back back via Livadion Pertouliou.



1. rockrock513 - May 17, 2008

Hi, I’ll be in Greece for June and will have my road bike. I’ll be in Athens, Meteora, Karpinisi, and Crete.
I’m looking for all info that will help in being able to have plans for training over our holiday.
Please contact if you can help!
Thanks Rocky

2. rockrock513 - May 17, 2008

My email is my [antispam] [at] [antispam] [hotmail] [dot] [antispam] [com].

Note > edited by grhomeboy on May 17th for safety reasons.

3. grhomeboy - May 17, 2008

Thanks for your comment Rocky and I wish you an enjoyable staying in Greece during your forthcoming trip next June.

I pressume that you will use a mountain bike. Have in mind that Meteora is high mountains and cliffs, Karpenisi is also a mountain area, while in Crete, it’s a combination of mountains and fields.

The best solution I would recommend is to obtain information on each site/location upon arrival, where there are also mountain bike hiring shops. But as I understand it, you would like to make plans ahead of your arrival.

Without more specific details on your requirements, it’s also hard for us to suggest or make additional recommendations. If you care to drop us an email [please check our right navigation bar at our home page for our email address] or by replying to this message, we shall be happy to locate exact information on your behalf and let you know accordingly.

And by the way, feel free to browse through our Greece Travel Section, I am sure you will be able to locate more info. Also do check this trusted website > http://www.trekking.gr/index_en.html

A google search on “biking, cycling in Greece” would also prove to be helpfull. Let me know how can I further assist you in making the correct/right choices.

When in Athens, join me for an ouzo! Take care and Bon Voyage!

George (a.k.a. grhomeboy)

4. rockrock513 - May 19, 2008

Hi George,

Thanks for your reply! I’m planning on bringing my road bike, so I will be looking for roads with low traffic and some big hills. I can ride on gravel and dirt roads, but would prefer good road surfaces. I will probably look for routes between 30-60 km

In the States I race category 3 races, so the main reason for bringing my bike is to do training rides to keep some of my fitness for after holiday! But also because my love for the bike is great, and it’s a great way to explore the country side.

I do have a mountain bike I could bring, but prefer the road bike. If there is any way to find out about road conditions of the areas we’ll be visiting I would be extremely grateful!

I know this is not a lot of detail, so please don’t go out of your way trying to get information for me. Anything you do come up with is much appreciated!


5. grhomeboy - May 19, 2008

Hi Rock,

Thanks for the outlined details. Will do my best to help. A reply to the above will be privately e-mailed to you, so watch out your inbox.

Best regards,
George (aka grhomeboy)

6. rockrock513 - May 19, 2008

Thanks George!!!

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