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Our April Fool’s Day joke turns to be our today’s reality April 2, 2008

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Dear Readers,

EFFECTIVE AS FROM TODAY > http://www.homeboy.gr

As we already announced, this blog [grhomeboy.wordpress.com] alias HomeboyMediaNews, has moved to its own domain name, http://www.homeboy.gr

For your information, our NEW blog at http://www.homeboy.gr has kept its name and title, Homeboy Media News, so it’s very handy and easy for you to follow us and read us at our new blog’s site.

Please do change your bookmarks accordingly.

Note that, our NEW HOMEBOY MEDIA NETWORK, http://www.homeboynet.com, which is accessible and indeed running on-line, is actually consisting of a 3-piece blog, divided into the following parts >

  1. http://www.homeboy.gr where all of our daily news about Greece and Cyprus and other related content is being currently posted [in English language]
  2. http://www.homeboytravels.gr where all our travel, Greece and Cyprus related content and where in future a more diversified content will be included and posted [in English language]
  3. http://www.homeboymagazine.gr where all our special features and other related content will be posted [in Greek language]

Please also note that we have finally decided NOT to move any of our posts [currently more than 9,500 posts are counted during the last 2 years of our activity] from this blog hosted by wordpress.com to our own and at our cost privately hosted http://www.homeboy.gr blog. All of our wordpress.com hosted blogs, will remain intact and will not be deleted.

To catch-up with our news and other content, and as from today, do read us at our new blog at http://www.homeboy.gr

During this transition period, we do count on your goodwill and patience, as well as on your continuous support and thank you in advance for your cooperation. If any further help or assistance is required, or in case you come up with a suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us. We would appreciate your interest and love to read you!

Please BOOKMARK our NEW blog’s internet address >




Thank you!