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Summer Holidays August 5, 2007

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Sorry, Homeboy Media News Blog will be closed from Monday 6th August to Monday 27th August 2007 for the annual summer holidays.

See you soon > after our summer vacations August 5, 2007

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greece_sail.jpg Dear Readers,

It’s that same time of the year again. Homeboy Media News will be closing for a while, for our Summer Vacations.

As from tomorrow, Monday 6th of August to Monday 27th of August, your Editor and Host, will be on his annual summer vacations. It’s time to relax on a beach and on a mountain, fill the “batteries” and return back stronger!

So, for the next three weeks, there will be no updates nor any news at all. If however, we have the opportunity to make a post or two, during those days, we will!

Enjoy your summer vacations and most of all, enjoy a good life! Be happy and do keep browsing our blog for past articles to read, especially those you did not due to luck of time.

See you soon! Take care!

edito(rial) > June June 16, 2007

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Hi and Welcome to June’s Letter from Your Editor!

Thank you for being here with us! Friends among friends!

Two new things to talk about >

The HMN Magazine page has been updated. You can read our Summer Edition by clicking > HMN Magazine.

A NEW page plus a widget have been added. The new page can be read at > Vote For Me, while the widget is placed on the right-hand navigation bar.

May I count on your vote for me please? Simply use the links provided either in our new page or in our widget. Your voting for me is highly appreciated. Thank you!

In the meantime enjoy!

Happy Mothers’ Day > May 13, 2007 May 13, 2007

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Dear Friends,

Fitting tribute on a Special Day

The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations can be traced to Ancient Greece’s Spring Celebrations honouring Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.

rhea.jpg  Rhea, Mother of Gods

Mother’s Day is widely reported as the peak day of the year for long-distance telephone calls and one of the highest gift-giving holidays. For many, it is also a day to remember mothers, cherish and love mothers to whom we owe our existence. To all the mothers of the world, we send our warmest, sincerest wishes for a Happy Mothers’ Day along with a big Thank You for what they have done for us.


The above photo is courtesy of my good friend Nik Handson, a British freelance graphic designer, with our thanks for his kind approval to use it. Copyright by Nik Handson. All rights reserved. To view more of Nik’s work, please visit www.nikhandson.co.uk

Join us in Celebrating this Day! Follow the Special Feature on our affiliated Special Celebrations blog > Christmas & Easter Spirit & Other Festive Celebrations

HomeboyMediaNews > One year online! May 13, 2007

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Dear Readers,

On May 12, 2006 HMN debuted on WordPress. It’s been a year now, so I guess, this is our first anniversary!

HMN has just turned one years’ old!

Thank you for being here with us! Join us is celebrating this day!

00blucandle.gif  cake5.jpg



Thank you for choosing HMN as your source of information, news and travel guide on Greece and Cyprus!

In the past year we >

created 6 pages

posted more than 5,100 entries/posts

in 120 different categories and tags

approved 66 comments

total views more than 199,752 since 12 May 2006

best day ever 2,267 views

average daily views 882

protected you from more than 13,000 spam comments

HMN in Alexa Ranks 628.564 [#83/1.936]

and just to remember our first ever post >

Hello World

Happy Name Day George! April 23, 2007

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April 23 > Saint George’s Day > Happy Name Day George!

Chronia Polla, in Greek!

And a Happy Name Day to our HMN’s Editor!

Happy Easter April 5, 2007

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To all our valued readers and friends around the world we send our sincerest and warmest wishes for a Peaceful and a Happy Easter! and in Greek, Kalo Pascha!

May the Ressurected Jesus Christ bring to all of you all His Blessings!


Please note that as from today we shall be on our Easter holidays and as such we shall resume back to our normal postings as from next Tuesday. In the meantime do enjoy a great Easter time!