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Your Window to Greece and Cyprus  Welcome!

PLEASE NOTE > BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER > Homeboy Media News [HMN] has moved to its own domain name http://homeboy.gr since April 1st 2008.

Our Network consists of a 3-fold blog, namely >

http://homeboy.gr where we provide you with all the latest news from Greece and Cyprus, on a daily basis, published in English language,

http://travel.homeboy.gr where we provide you with all travel related news and other content, published in both the English and Greek languages,

http://magazine.homeboy.gr where we provide you with news from Greece and Cyprus, published in Greek language.

Please make sure to bookmark our new internet addresses as above and to add us in your favorites. Thank you for your attention.

Who we are >

HomeboyMediaNews provides (since May 12th, 2006 on WordPress) via selected and reliable sources, all the latest News covering Greece, Cyprus and the Greek Omogenia (Diaspora). The news and all articles are divided into different categories, ranging from Arts and Culture to Entertainment and Happenigs, from Sports to Health, from Business to Mythology and many more

HomeboyMediaNews also provides information about the Greek Lifestyle and Culture as well as a list of Travel articles plus a Travel Guide, for all of you who are interested to visit Wonderful Greece and Cyprus, either on business or pleasure.

Travel articles are again divided into different categories for your easy reference so that you can pick those most appealing to you for reading. We would like them to be your source of ultimate information when planning your trip to Greece or Cyprus or whenever you want to learn more about our two countries, customs and traditions or which islands or other places of interest you should visit. Greece and Cyprus have so many things in common, since the ancient times. History, religion, language, customs and traditions, even political affairs, are among them. Through our articles and travel guide we hope that you will explore and enjoy both of them as much as you are Welcomed to both of them! 

Please note that the information available on this website is intended for your guidance only and every reasonable effort shall be made to keep it current and accurate. It does not however purport to be either a legal or otherwise interpretation. Links to external sites are provided for the user’s convenience and do not constitute or imply their endorsement, recommendation or favouring.

Please also note that news and articles are carefully selected from acclaimed and reliable international media, news agencies and other respectable sources. As such all news and articles are copyrighted material. For additional information about copyright and our policies please refer to our related page > https://grhomeboy.wordpress.com/policies/ 

We aim to enhance both our content and categories as we move on. Our motto is > Greece’s + Cyprus’ English speaking News and Travel Guide | Daily  | Your ultimate Gateway to the Greek Culture and Knowledge | Proudly Made in Greece!

HomeboyMediaNews is a Proud Member of The HomeboyNet network.

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The Publisher and Editor,
HomeboyMediaNews | Athens

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1. ben - July 19, 2006

Congratulations for your site.. It is really great to see that all the english speakers of this country have a new place on the web to visit and be uptodate with all the media news. Keep up all the good work.

2. grhomeboy - July 21, 2006

Thank you Ben and Welcome to our humble home!

Enjoy surfing through our content and please do feel like home. If we can be of any help or if any questions seek answers, just give us a try! Thank you for your kind comments.

3. SurfaceEarth - March 2, 2007

can you give us background on your picture/photo above?

4. grhomeboy - March 2, 2007

With pleasure! It’s a seducing photo and a stunning view I must admitt.

A Window to Greece and Cyprus. Both, being nautical countries, Greece especially with approx. 1700 islands. The word “Window” is used allegorically, meaning “Come, See Us” or “A Window to the Greek Culture”. An open window inviting everyone to the Greek world!

Enjoy the view!

5. yuva - June 14, 2007

Great site.. accidentally found this.. as foreigner living in athens.. i can appreciate this much much more..

great effort team… thanks.
onwards & upwards..

please feel free to reach if I could be of any help.

6. grhomeboy - June 14, 2007

Welcome Yuva!

Thanks so much for your kind comments. So, a [foreigner] permanent visitor, a fan of Athens, living in the city – craddle of democracy and civilization. It would be interesting to hear your view, comments and opinion about living in Greece, from a visitor’s point of view. [Personally, I am not much in favor, using the word “foreigner”].

Feel free to comment on our news and other articles. Enjoy life in Athens!

7. 8848m - August 9, 2007

Ωραίο το blog αλλά δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατί δεν τα γράφεις και στα ελληνικά;

8. grhomeboy - August 29, 2007

@ 8848m

Thanks for your comment. Ευχαριστώ για το σχόλιο σου. Αν ρίξεις μια ματιά στα Links αυτού του blog, θα παρατηρήσεις ότι διατηρώ και άλλα blogs και websites. Το κάθε ένα από αυτά έχει σχεδιασθεί να υπηρετεί διαφορετικά target groups αναγνωστών, γι’ αυτό το λόγο το ΗΜΝ είναι αγγλόφωνο. Δές επίσης το ελληνόφωνο μου blog με την ονομασία “Το Τετράδιο μου”

9. pgricciardi - June 29, 2008

My boyfriend and I are coming to Mykonos in early August and we’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay. We’ve heard that when you get off the ferry there are often people offering rooms to rent. Can anybody tell me a bit more about this? Would I basically be renting someone’s extra bedroom or would I be renting a room in a sort of unofficial b&b? Any insight would is appreciated. Thanks!

10. lazarusi - August 5, 2008

Yasou from Canada,
it’s nice to see other proud Grecians on the net. I would like to share my art with your readers, one of my earliest inspirations was from staring at the ‘icon art’ in church, with all of its history, and deep earthy colours and unique symbolic stylization….hope you enjoy: http://www.lazarusi.wordpress.com

Lazarus Ioannou

11. Cyber Energy (@Cyber_Energy) - March 6, 2012

Great site keep it up, it is really refreshing

12. lordsofthedrinks - February 8, 2013

Love the site mate! Maybe time for a post on Greek drinking? I got you a nice one about what to eat after that! 😉


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